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We may not grow all of what we eat, but we eat all that we grow.
Looking forward to sharing our trials and tribulations with you.


Not only do we love to grow food, we love to eat food, visit the cooking category to see all our posts with experimental recipes. No guarantees on quality, but hopefully at least some guaranteed laughs.


Learn more about how we try to vary our garden plantings year to year. We think building a diverse garden is part of the key to success in Colorado and for small, home gardens.


Learn about our failures, there have been many.

Varieties of Edible Plants
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Books Read on Gardening

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Each year we grow more and more things on the farm. We try to save seeds every year and we are accumulating more than we need. Along those endeavors, we are now able to offer some Manitou Springs grown and climate adjusted seeds for some limited varieties of garden crops. Check out the shop page for available seeds, ever expanding, always changing with the seasons.

Percent of Garden planted so far this year?
Planted 25%
Mine 96%
My Partner's 75%
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