Fresh Herbs from the Garden

Little things add up, it may not seem like much when all you’ve got is some mint to add to your Moscow Mules or Mojitos, but that’s mint that didn’t need to be grown somewhere else, picked, cleaned, packaged, and delivered to a store near you. Plus it’s delicious!

Herbs are one of my favorite ways to get started growing things. I view them as a bit of luxury and never really bought a lot when grocery shopping. I would get occasional batches for a specific recipe, but didn’t just keep them on hand.

With them growing fresh in the garden, I almost always have a supply of thyme, mint, chives, sage and oregano. It makes a simple meal special when you can walk out to the garden (or take some clippings from an indoor plan) and add some fresh chives to an egg scramble in the morning. Adding a mint leaf or two to a Moscow mule or a cup of tea makes me feel like I worked just a little bit harder and really earned the luxury. Plus it adds a fresh pop of flavor and looks pretty!

In the winter you’ll find fresh basil and thyme growing in my kitchen window, two herbs that I use a lot and make me smile mid-winter when everything else outside is dormant. You find find pre-made kits to grow herbs like this at Home Depot and various other gardening or hardware stores (and I’m sure online too). If nothing else, it puts something green in your house and in your belly, year round.