Growing Things Inside, Part I

A friend of mine recently died and in a way to remember him and keep him as a part of my life, I purchased a lemon and a lime tree. We have great sun indoors so I figured they would do well. And in my head I remember my friend as a bit sour and it makes me laugh to think that I’ll be watering two trees for many years to come and thinking of him.

The trees are very small right now and are a still adjusting to their new home. Hopefully they thrive in the hours of sun we get here in Colorado and they love the heat of the house, it gets really warm in our house with the massive south facing windows.

So far, they’ve each put out one small lemon and one small lime that they are trying to grow bigger. They look rather pathetic, how small and scrawny they look, freshly transplanted, but overtime, hopefully they grow and thrive.

The trees are a new adventure for me, I’ve never had fresh citrus and I think it will be a blast if I’m able to get in the grove of nourishing these two plans and have my own home grown lemons or limes, even if it’s only a few per year!