Mushroom Growing Class

About a month ago now (man, time flies at the farm… or in life?) Jer and I took a mushroom growing class at Buckley’s Homestead Supply. The class was taught by Mike (forgot his last name) of who is an enthusiast of mushroom growing.

The class was absolutely great, and a bunch of fun! We learned about the whole process of what mushrooms are (the fruit of mycelium) and how they spread, spores! We talked about various types of mushrooms, where and how they grow, and got a general introduction to the world of mycelium. It’s so amazing! I’m addicted now.

I left the class knowing much more than I did, and wanting to expand my knowledge even further! And Jer (who hasn’t really cared for mushrooms before now) left wanting to grow more. He loved the sample that Mike gave us of the oyster mushrooms he brought for the demo. After I cooked them up in a bit of olive oil with salt and pepper, of course.

We left the class with our very own bucket of pasteurized hay and oyster mushroom inoculated rye grain mixed in to start our foray into the world of mushroom growing. Now, I must have not listened that carefully in class, because my bucket went awry. It I think I kept it too cold and too moist or perhaps my hands were dirty when adding the straw into the bucket, because mine molded and the mold took over where they mycelium should have instead.

I could have emailed Mike to probably ask some questions and perhaps remedy my mold situation, but I figured we’d just chalk this one up as a fail. BUT! I haven’t lost hope, nor interest in mushroom growing!

Not long after the class, I tried one of the little kits from Back to the Roots to try growing oyster Mushrooms again. Finally, I was successful! And even more hooked on mushrooms.

I’m now reading Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets, and keep any eye out for upcoming posts about our next mushroom growing adventures. I have big plans!

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